US AND THEM, WE AND THEY / by Caitlin Murray

terra incognita

liberty vs. force - John Quincy Adams - 4th of July speech, 1821 (then secretary of state declining to send the U.S. Navy to liberate the colonies of Venezuela and Colombia from the imperialism of Catholic Spain)

COTTONMOUTH-I and CANDYGRAM - [CAPABILITIES] [The NSA ANT catalog is a 50-page classified document listing technology available to the United States National Security Agency (NSA) Tailored Access Operations (TAO) by the ANT division to aid in cyber surveillance. ]


Tomis (aka Constanța, oldest still populated city in Romania) / the site of Ovid's exile / carmen et error /  a poem and a mistake /exiled in 8 AD - died 8 years later / A statue of Ovid stands in the Ovid Square (Piața Ovidiu) of Constanța, in front of the History Museum (the former City Hall)

I who lie here, sweet Ovid, poet of tender passions,
     fell victim to my own sharp wit.
Passer-by, if you've ever been in love, don't grudge me
     the traditional prayer: 'May Ovid's bones lie soft!

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(showered mist) (not so nameless after all)(a world after its own image)