Kahlil Joseph's Wildcat / by Caitlin Murray

Kahlil Joseph's Wildcat

Wildcat is a state of mind; an experiment inspired by the composition and performance of jazz music. 

The characters that populate this world are actual – cowboys; and envisioned – angels. 
The town they all inhabit is real – Grayson, Oklahoma.

Directed and Edited by – Kahlil Joseph
Cinematography by – Malik Hassan Sayeed
Produced by – Omid Fatemi, Paul Chang, Ebony Brown and Daniel Tarr
Original Music by – Flying Lotus
Additional Editing by - Luke Lynch
1st AC – Wayne Goring
2nd AC - Jon Jones
Steadicam by - Stephen Wymer
DIT - Jason Wietholter
Sound Operator - Jon Roman
Wardrobe – Ebony Brown
Production Assistant - Kevin Kisling
Titles - Osk Studio

Featuring – Lundon Torrence, Wildcat Ebony Brown, Elvert (Nooksie) Celestine

Special Thanks to – L. Onye Anyanwu, Daniel Song, Tamytrea Celestine, Oliver Williams, Wendell Williams, Veronica Armstead and the Armstead Family, Mayor Leon Armstead, C & W Rodeo Arena, The people and town of Grayson, Oklahoma
R.I.P. Aunt Janet Celestine.